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QTeK Constructions

QTeK Constructions brings together 40 years of friendship and complementary skill sets to create a boutique and responsive construction business, catering to a select group of clients.

Offering construction services and more to the domestic, commercial and industrial property sectors.
Combining Mark’s building and construction experience with Charles’s property and business management experience, our partnership is based upon our shared desire to provide an intimate, cost effective and high quality service to our valued clients.

  • Cumberland Park Home Additions
  • Cumberland Park Home Additions
  • Cumberland Park Home Additions
Cumberland Park Home Additions

QTeK Constructions carefully tender and select our projects to ensure that we remain hands on with each project from start to finish….. We are capable of taking on so much more, however, we chose not to. We manage our capacity and ensure that each project we commit too is completed to the highest standard, personally managed by Mark & Charles to ensure maximum client satisfaction and value.

Running a lean business with low overheads ensures we are able to provide competitive pricing to our valued clients, which is becoming more important as the costs associated with building and renovating are ever increasing.

We bring over 30 years of experience to each project